Our Philosophy


“What man really fears is not so much extinction, but extinction with insignificance.

Man wants to know that his life has somehow counted, if not for himself,

then at least in a larger scheme of things, that it has left a trace, a trace that has meaning.”

– Ernest Becker


Ten Truths of Client Relationships

The Certified Financial Group Financial Planning PhilosophyWe build a lifelong relationship with clients based on the significance of the client’s stories for his or her life, and helping to chart a vision for the future based on that significance. As a context and frame work for the cultivation of that vision, we would like to share with you an excerpt from the book “Closing the Gap” by Scott Farnsworth, JD, CFP®. These truths help identify the direction we take in advising our clients. As simple as these truths may seem, they can serve as powerful compass headings to keep us on course.