Trading the Beach for the Gridiron This Labor Day Weekend

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For those of you taking one last trip to the beach this Labor Day weekend, we wish you luck. Enjoy the traffic, the parking meters, and the sea of humanity packing the shore. Instead of looking at this weekend as the end of summer, an interesting thought is to move on and embrace it as the beginning of fall, and head to your first college football game of the season (or tune in to many favorites all weekend).

There is a real smorgasbord on Saturday, when there’s a full slate of games across the country. No matter which patch of America you call home, there’s a game within driving distance. Take advantage.

Because really, this is the perfect weekend to catch a college tilt.  Sure, we are all excited about cheering for our own team.  But there are other reasons to cheer: everyone is undefeated and dreaming of national titles, and the pros and their cheerleaders won’t distract us until next weekend.

So if you’re ready to let your tan go, skip the sandcastles this weekend, you have two choices:  score some college football tickets and head for the stadium – and don’t worry about missing the traffic, parking fees, and overwhelming mass of people at the beach — you’ll probably get your taste of all that at the stadium, anyway; or, get comfortable in front of your flat screen, grab your schedule and get ready for a multitude of game choices (our guess is that some will have more than one screen going at a time).

In any case, enjoy the weekend – celebrate family and friends, and of course, good food!

(We thank Bryan Kaczmarek for portions of this article.)