Navigating Media Messaging

Picture this:

You are leaving a meeting in a high-rise building and as you approach the elevator, you only have two options.

One option is “Skyrocket”, instead of “Up”.

The other option is “Collapse”, instead of “Down”.

What would you do?

Odds are you may start looking for the stairs.

Or possibly, you’d freeze in place, even though they’re merely words.

The undertone of each word creates fear for anyone willing to get on the elevator.

Similarly, when consuming financial news from newspapers, the internet, or television, remember that words are just that – words.

They can be wielded to emphasize a particular viewpoint, sometimes at the expense of accuracy or context.

In today’s media landscape, it’s crucial to approach financial information critically, recognizing the potential for exaggeration.

Take a moment to assess the financial language used, questioning its intent, and considering alternative perspectives.

Just as you wouldn’t blindly trust an elevator labeled “Skyrocket” or “Collapse”, be sure to exercise good judgment when digesting financial news.

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