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Keys to investment planning

A Disciplined Investment Process is Key

In order to meet your financial goals, the need for a well-diversified and professionally managed Investment Plan is critical. Our process will take you through the following steps:


  1. Setting your investment goals
    The first step in Investment Planning is simply becoming familiar with your particular circumstances. Your current financial condition and future expectations are the basis for all further investment decisions. Who you are as an investor will determine which investment strategy or strategies you should implement.
  2. Understanding your investment personality
    Understanding risk is a key part of the investment planning process. A smart investor needs to fully comprehend how risk is measured and its potential ramifications. You also need to determine your own risk tolerance. Remember, no investment plan is likely to be successful if it doesn’t fit your temperament and your individual financial situation.
  3. Designing an investment portfolio
    Now it is time for us to implement your Investment Plan by designing your investment portfolio. We match your investment goals and personality to a combination of various investment categories. No one asset allocation strategy is appropriate for everyone. The investment plan that suits you best depends on your own investor profile.
  4. Selecting specific investments
    Selecting the appropriate investments is an important part of the Investment Planning process. One key point is to understand the role of your planner in the investing process. Fee-based investment management is performed under a Fiduciary Standard of Care.Before any managed investment is chosen, it should meet a number of criteria including, but not limited to:

    • Regulatory oversight.
    • Minimum track record.
    • Stability of the organization.
    • Assets in the investment.
    • Composition consistent with asset class.
    • Style consistency.
    • Expense ratios/fees relative to peers.
    • Risk-adjusted performance relative to peers.
    • Performance relative to peers.

  5. Managing and monitoring the portfolio
    Once your investment plan is set in motion, your portfolio needs ongoing monitoring. We will review your investments regularly to make sure they’re on track. As your circumstances or the investment landscape change, your portfolio may need some adjusting. A detailed and comprehensive review occurs quarterly.
  6. Rebalancing or redesigning the portfolio, if needed
    An Investment Plan is incomplete without the periodic reviews of your portfolio, during which, we may find the need to make changes if it is not performing as expected. We may adjust the amount invested in various categories to return to the original asset allocation.  Redesigning your portfolio would involve adjusting it to take into account significant changes in the market, or your personal situation. Keep in mind, that since the accounts are fee-based, redesigning your portfolio is being accomplished without sales charges or commissions.

Our 11 Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals have over 200 years of combined experience and are well-versed in the Investment Planning process. For information about the investment planning process, please go to The Financial Plan page. Experience The Certified Difference®, call us today or arrange your complimentary consultation.

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