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What is an UIO Plan, and should I be considering it?
The Rest of the Story

What is an UIO Plan, and should I be considering it?

Is an UIO Plan too good to be true? Check out the clip below from our weekly radio show On The Money where our CFP®s …

Financial Planning

Life insurance is not for saving

Stop buying life insurance as a savings strategy. Stop buying it as a tax-deferral vehicle for retirement savings. Stop spending thousands of dollars a month …


Retirement: Pros and cons of fixed-index annuities

Forget stocks, bonds, ETFs and non-traded real estate investment trusts. The new flavor of the month these days for those hawking retirement products is something …

Financial Advisor

Be Wary of “Senior” Experts

Which financial adviser would you pick to give you advice on retirement: a planner with extensive training as a generalist or someone who claims special …

Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Faces Fresh Scrutiny

Regulators homing in on whether insurers are presenting a picture of performance that’s too rosy Financial advisers working with indexed universal life insurance are finding …

Financial Plan

Bestselling book’s financial promises don’t add up

Pamela Yellen’s New York Times best-seller, “Bank on Yourself,” made a splash by promising to help people build their wealth even as their investments were …


Indexed Annuities are a Safety Trap

The card that landed in mailboxes throughout central Illinois in early 2008 promoted “the most informative retirement workshop you’ve ever attended.” Pinnacle Investment Advisers, which …

The Rest of the Story

Beware the “Missed Fortune” Sales Concept

Why you should beware Doug Andrew’s Missed Fortune I went downstairs this morning, poured a nice cup of coffee, opened my Sunday edition San Diego Union …

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