Choosing A Certified Financial Planner

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Financial Planner

  1. Are you certified as a financial planner by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards?
  2. Are you always a fiduciary and will you state that in writing?
  3. Do you participate in any sales contests or award programs creating incentives to favor particular vendors?
  4. Will you itemize all your fees and expenses in writing?
  5. Will you tell me about your conflicts of interest, both orally and in writing?
  6. Do you or your firm earn fees as advisor to a private fund or other investments that you may recommend to me?
  7. Do you focus solely on investment management, or do you also advise on taxes, estates and retirement, budgeting and debt management, and insurance?
  8. Do you earn fees for referring clients to specialists like estate attorneys or insurance agents?
  9. What is your investment philosophy?
  10. Do you personally have a succession plan?

The Certified Difference! ®

Working as an independent firm our Certified Financial Planner® professionals are experienced, knowledgeable and focused on You.
That’s The Certified Difference!®

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