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CFG’s roots date back to its start in Central Florida in 1976, and the professionals of CFG have delivered financial planning services to countless families across the country. We are one of the oldest and largest independent financial planning firms in the area.

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Our Certified Financial Planner™ professionals have more than 400 years of combined experience. Each is trained in all areas of financial planning to include investment planning, Social Security planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and 401(k) services. Their knowledge and experience helps to ensure clients receive a thorough, workable personal financial plan.

The value you gain from a Certified Financial Planner™ professional depends not only on sound investing, but on the plan you jointly design and execute behind those investments to achieve your financial goals…a plan that keeps working for you in all market and economic conditions.

As an independent firm not owned or controlled by a third party, we do not deal with “in house” or proprietary products. This structure gives our planners total freedom to provide financial solutions from a broad array of sources that work best for our clients.

Financial Planning and Investment Management is offered through Certified Advisory Corp. In this capacity, our Certified Financial Planner™ professionals strive to recommend investment solutions based purely on their merit. Because advisory clients pay fees that are based on assets under management, we do not rely on commissions or incentive-based products.

As a third party administrator and 401(k) recordkeeper, our Certified Benefits Corp division also works with employers to design, administer and communicate a variety of employee benefit programs. See our 401(k) Services for further details.

What are your financial goals and dreams? Do you have a financial consultant today with whom you can roll up your sleeves and put together a plan to make your dreams happen? We believe we can be that resource for you!

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