Fear of the Unknown

As many of us prepare for the holidays, we know there may be some unknown issues with planning for each event.

For example, let’s say you are preparing a meal for your family that is coming into town, just to see you.

Yes, that’s stressful already, but what if you looked at your grocery delivery order status and saw this?

“No shopper is available and your order will be delayed.”

It’s likely to cause anxiety.

However, what if it said this instead?

“No shopper is currently available and your order will be delayed by 30 minutes.”

While you still may feel anxiety, you would at least know how long your grocery delivery is delayed and you could plan accordingly.

This illustrates the anxiety investors may feel about market downturns.

The downturn itself may create stress, but the real stress for most investors is from not knowing how long it will take the market to recover.

There are three things to keep in mind when dealing with the anxiety of the unknown in this situation:

  1. Remember that you and your financial advisor have a financial plan in place
  2. TV breaking news alerts and phone notifications are driven by people who make a living from views and clicks
  3. Every downturn in market history has recovered

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