Planning Services for Individuals and Families

At Certified Financial Group, our Certified Financial Planner™ professionals are Experienced, Knowledgeable and Focused on YOU. Our CFP® professionals provide a wide variety of services. Select an area below to learn more.

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Retirement Planning

The Retirement Planning process is designed to give you a clear picture, perhaps for the first time, of where you stand financially. Learn more about Retirement Planning.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is not a product, but a process of providing advice and assistance to help clients achieve their financial goals. And because each client is unique, there can be no cookie cutter approach. Learn more about Financial Planning.

Investment Planning

In order to meet your financial goals, the need for a well-diversified and professionally managed Investment Plan is critical. Click to learn more about Investment Planning.

Social Security Planning

We’ve been brainwashed into thinking Social Security isn’t going to be there for the long term, so many couples ignore it when it comes to their retirement planning. Their attitude is “Don’t count on it because it may not be there.” Click to learn more about Social Security Planning.

Estate Planning

Our clients appreciate the fact that all of their personal finance and legal affairs can be coordinated and handled by professionals at the same location. We are pleased to offer our clients legal assistance right here in our offices. Click to learn more about Estate Planning.

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