Risk Profile

Determine Your Investment Profile

Making investment decisions is never easy, whether you are an experienced investor or someone just starting out. Your investment strategy requires that you make decisions about how your assets will be invested. A significant amount of your retirement income and security may depend on the savings you accumulate outside your retirement plan. The following questionnaire is provided to assist you in determining your “investment profile”. You may use it as a tool for deciding how much return you desire and how much risk you are willing to take to achieve the return and growth of savings.

To obtain above-average returns on my investments, I am willing to accept above- average risk of investment loss.(Required)
Staying ahead of inflation is more important to me than losing money in any one year.(Required)
If an investment loses money over the course of a year, I can easily resist the temptation to sell it.(Required)
I do not plan on withdrawing my money for major expenses before I retire.(Required)
I consider myself knowledgeable about economic issues and personal investing.(Required)
When do you expect to retire?(Required)

Your investor profile as defined from your total point score is as follows:

11 or below Conservative
12 - 22 Moderately Conservative
23 - 33 Moderate
34 - 44 Moderately Aggressive
45 and above Aggressive

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