Should you move from the stock market to CD’s?

Are you thinking of taking your money out of stocks and putting it into accounts that pay higher interest rates, like money market accounts or CDs? 

That might not be the best idea.

When we invest, we go through a process that involves our thoughts and emotions. 

Sometimes we make decisions based on predictions and fear, but that may lead to mistakes and lower returns.

When the market is risky, we might feel like moving our money to safer options like cash or fixed income. 

But if we look at historical data, we see that in the long run, stocks tend to perform better than fixed income investments.

During market downturns, the media often makes negative predictions, which may cause us to panic. It’s important to resist the urge to make sudden decisions and stick to a long-term plan. 

Historically speaking, the best returns come after periods of turbulence.

Don’t let fear and the desire for quick action control your investment decisions. 

Transactions that benefit Wall Street may not always be in your best interest. 

Understanding our emotions and staying disciplined may lead to better outcomes.

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