Wealth Plan Maintenance Questionnaire

Spouse Name
For each question below, please choose "Yes" if there has been a change in the past year, since we last updated your financial planning, or if you anticipate a change.
Have you opened any new financial accounts (bank, investment, retirement, etc.)?(Required)
Have you acquired or disposed of any significant new assets?(Required)
Has the ownership of any of your assets changed?(Required)
Has your income changed significantly (new source, substantial increase or decrease)?(Required)
Have you taken out any new loans or mortgages?(Required)
Have you paid off any loans or mortgages?(Required)
Have you changed jobs?(Required)
Have your living expenses changed (new or increased, decreased or eliminated)?(Required)
Have your retirement goals changed?(Required)
Have you added any children or grandchildren to your family?(Required)
Have you made any major purchases (new or vacation home, land, boat, car, etc.)?(Required)
Are you planning any major purchases in the next year or so?(Required)
Have you sold any real estate or personal property?(Required)
Has your tolerance for risk related to your investments changed?(Required)
Have you purchased, changed or cancelled any liability, life, disability, or longterm care insurance policies?(Required)
Have you made gifts over $18,000 to charity, children, or others?(Required)
Have your estate distribution goals changed (death of a beneficiary, new beneficiary, new charitable interests, etc.)?(Required)
Have you executed any new estate planning documents (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.)?(Required)
Have you funded any trusts or other estate planning instruments?(Required)
Have you received an inheritance?(Required)
Are there changes to your financial situation or goals that may affect your planning?(Required)

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