Central Florida’s Local, Independent Retirement Plan Provider

As a full-service firm offering all three elements (Third Party Administration, Recordkeeping and Investment Advisory services) for over 20 years, we are uniquely suited to provide you responsive service with a personal touch at a competitive price… and that’s The Certified Difference®

Offering customized solutions, designed to fit you perfectly.

Our commitment to you, our clients and advisor partners, is to provide the service you expect so plan participants can retire with financial security.

We serve our clients, not the other way around. We adapt to your needs. While we have standard procedures that help us work efficiently, the plans and services we provide you are far from standard.

We aren’t a 1-800 company. Call us, we’ll prove it. We answer the phone, we answer your questions—typically with the first call. We’re small enough to empower our specialists to solve your problems and big enough to have the staff to get things done.

The Certified Difference! ®


Certified Benefits Corp was founded in 1996. Over the years, our diverse team of experienced 401k advisors have been privileged to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses as independent recordkeepers and plan administration service providers. It is through our experience, relationships, and knowledge of the industry that we are constantly up-to-date on the latest ideas and best services so that our clients always have the best of what is available.

Tailored Plans Unique
to Your Company

An affordable plan for your company does not have to mean a one-size-fits-all plan design solution like many plan sponsors believe. At Certified Benefits Corp, we have many options for your 401(k) outline that we then tailor to fit the specific needs of your unique company. We do this while also offering competitive, affordable pricing. The reason is simple: as 338 fiduciaries, your best interest is our number one priority, so offering agile, accommodating plan design is part of our DNA.

Customer Support
With Real People

Since your 401k is tailored specifically to your company and its individual employees, it is paramount that someone who really knows your plan is available to help when you have an inquiry. Your employees will never be battling a recorded line, or long wait-times, and instead receive speedy, personalized assistance from a dedicated 401k advisor in our office . A live, knowledgeable, advisor is always available to answer your calls.

Liability is Mitigated
for the Plan Sponsor

Plan Sponsors are legally classified as fiduciaries, which is the highest duty of care in equity and law because they are responsible for their employees’ assets. Even if you hire someone who advertises themselves as an ERISA fiduciary claiming to take away all of your liability, you still have potential liability if you hired an ineffective plan provider. Certified Benefits Corp will provide, in writing, documentation that we serve as an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary, which mitigates your responsibility.

Responsive and
Agile Advisor

401k questions are often personal and sometimes urgent, so our company standard is based on swiftness, flexibility, and accuracy. You’ll always have a “go-to” person to call to answer your questions, or work on any updates or changes that need to be made. Our advisors are committed to disciplined oversight of client plans so that your company can focus on it’s personal business and leave the plan oversight details to us.


Many plan sponsors are unaware and even believe their plan is free due to not seeing any “direct” charges on "plug-and-play” 401(k) plans like those on an insurance company platform. Among other things, they don’t show the participant balances as shares, they are shown on the statements as units – fund shares with additional imbedded costs. As 3(38) ERISA fiduciaries who are CEFEX-certified, we are transparent, espousing full disclosure and building plans with no load mutual funds.

New to 401(k)? We can help!

We have comprehensive (and free!) resources that will start you on your journey.

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