They really do love Susie more than me!

Posted by Nancy Hecht, CFP®, AIF®

Since 1995, that number of parents that do not split their assets equally among their children has doubled. Is this proof that they really do love Susie more than you? Perhaps. More likely, the un-even split is more practical than any other reason.

In every family, there is the one child that has the lion’s share of responsibility, in a number of families there is a child that is very irresponsible or has substance abuse problems. Sometimes, the un-even split is based on physical or mental disabilities.

Another reason for an un-even split may be that your parents may have helped you more financially during their lifetime than they did your siblings.

So do they really love Susie more? Probably not. Their decision may be based on your lifestyle and/or needs – they love you all the same.

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