You may be able to cut your 2016 tax bill

Posted by Nancy Hecht, CFP®, AIF®

While many taxpayers have payroll deduction retirement plans, it does not necessarily prevent you from making a deductible IRA contribution. If you are married filing a joint return and your adjusted gross income is between $98,000 – $118,000, you can make a partial or completely deductible IRA contribution for 2016. For single tax filers, their phase-out bracket is $61,000 -$71,000. If you are self-employed, the limits are even broader if you open a SEP IRA. For 2016, you can contribute 25% of your adjusted gross income up to $53,000.

You have until April 18, 2017 to fund a Traditional IRA, and up until the date you file, including extensions, which end October 18,2017, to fund your SEP IRA.

Put the funds in your pocket vs. that of the IRS for 2016.

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