What Dads Actually Want for Father’s Day

This article was originally on the New York Post

Not sure what to get dad for Father’s Day this year? According to new research, you’re better off reaching for the phone than a “World’s Best Dad” mug.

The new survey of 2,000 dads revealed that three in four dads (76 percent) prefer an experience over a physical gift for Father’s Day.

And the top gift you can give your dad this year? A simple phone call.

The new survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Omaha Steaks aimed to reveal what dad is really after for his Father’s Day event and found that 57 percent of dads actually say it’s their favorite day of the year.

While a phone call from their children topped the list of most desired gifts (47 percent), it wasn’t the only thing dad had his eye on this year.

Four in 10 (41 percent) said a big, juicy steak would improve their Father’s Day this year, while 38 percent of dads said they could really just go with some peace and quiet.

Taking in a ball game with the family also scored high, with 38 percent saying that sounded like a lovely Father’s Day treat.

While one in three easy-to-please dads say they just want to be able to watch whatever they want on the TV.

Interestingly, 64 percent of dads reported that they specifically don’t want anything that says “World’s Best Dad” on it this year.

Sitting down for a meal with dad this Father’s Day is apparently a very good idea, according to the research, as 79 percent of dads say they like to bond with their children over food.

But if it’s a cook-out you’re after, stay off the grill, because one in three dads say that if someone is grilling, it’s going to be them.

Another six in 10 confident dads feel like there’s no better cook in the house than themselves.

“Give dad an experience that’s guaranteed to please this Father’s Day,” said Todd Simon, Senior Vice President and Family Owner. “Not only is a package from Omaha Steaks a great gift, it’s a perfect meal to grill up while bonding with Dad and celebrating Father’s Day in the backyard.”

Father’s Day is a celebration of dads in all their dad glory. The survey found that 56 percent of dads love to tell classic “dad jokes.”

In fact, according to the results, 47 percent of dads have said the specific joke, “Hi hungry, I’m dad,” and 60 percent of dads find the joke to be actually funny.

The survey also found that it takes four years after their first child is born before hitting “peak dad,” and there are signs that show it, too.

For example, the top sign that you’ve hit “peak dad,” is that you start to laugh at your own jokes (33 percent.)

The second biggest sign you’ve reached “peak dad” is if you find yourself busting out cheesy moves on the dance floor. Also scoring high on the list was if you’re always the one manning the grill.

Top 10 gifts dads want for Father’s Day this year

Phone call from my kid(s)47%
A big juicy steak41%
Peace and quiet38%
Taking in a ball game with the family38%
An ice cold beer or two35%
A cheaper, practical gift (socks, tie, etc.)35%
Glass of wine34%
Watch whatever I want on TV34%
Glass of whiskey29%
A physical, expensive gift (Apple Watch, etc.)29%

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