Be On The Lookout for Look-Alike Emails

We are fortunate to have a reliable and dependable IT firm that supports our technology systems, and one of the many benefits of their guidance is to let us know about new methods of email spam or ‘spoofing.’

We have just been advised of a new technique to watch for in your ‘Inbox.’ In fact, the technique is not really new, but those who use it are becoming more and more ‘creative’ trying to fool us. The only defense is to become observant and careful about who your emails are sent from.

The emails you receive from us are from our domain We understand that someone has purchased the domain (with the added ‘s’) perhaps with the intention of spoofing us or our clients. Please be on the alert.

Please know that this poses no threat to your information or records held by us. It only becomes an issue if you receive an email from the impostor (, open the email and click on one of their false links. In all cases, never reply with any of your personal information.

There is no real need for concern, but a reminder for you to continue to use a sharp eye on emails you receive before opening. When you open the email, look at the top to be sure who is sending it (Note that there is no ‘s’ at the end of ‘plan@financialgroup’:

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