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10 Trends That Will Define the 2021 Summer Travel Season

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New Travel Trends in a New Normal

Travel is back and it feels so good, but this summer travel season is still going to look a bit different. People will still wear masks on airplanes and in many indoor establishments and Covid protocols won’t be gone overnight, but, it’s encouraging to foresee a return to normality.

However, the summer will definitely be defined by some new travel trends that will make it one for the books.

Vaxication Nation

Vaxications are the new vacations. Those who are getting vaccinated are rewarding themselves with vacations to see family, friends or visit destinations that they couldn’t travel to without getting the jab.

Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean are all seeing a surge of travelers who are fully vaccinated and ready for a getaway.

First to Cruise

It looks like the stars are beginning to align for the cruise industry, and ships will once again be able to sail. Passengers are already lining up to be the first to sail.

The CDC continues to issue guidance on how cruises can return to the waters and the U.S. Senate passed a bill that could open the way to sailings in Alaska this summer.

Road Trips

Taking to the open road will remain one of the most popular vacations this summer. With varied rules for travel by air and different testing protocols for leaving the country and returning again, many will take the easy route and go by car, especially families who have children that aren’t yet vaccinated.

Luxury Stays

It’s a bit to early for the bucket list, round the world all out getaway so expect to see many people splurging on high-end hotel stays, villa stays or over-the-top vacation homes that simplify everything for travelers and where they can have everything at their finger tips. Extra points for places that offer access to on-site activities.

Long Journeys

After a year of barely being able to take a vacation, this summer is not one travelers are going to skimp on. Weeklong, two-weeklong, monthlong vacations will be top trends this summer. Also, there are many people who are working from home but who will have to soon return to their offices as the pandemic wanes. Expect those people to look to somewhere to work from anywhere.

Travel Planning

Last-minute bookings are sure to come back at some point but most travelers in the summer of 2021 want to know what to expect, where they will be and what the Covid protocols will look like when they get there.

People are planning well in advance and are looking to travel advisors to help them with everything from health and safety regulations, testing centers, flight bookings, rebookings and reservations.

Travel Protection

Forget PPE, this summer’s travelers have wised up, and they are looking to protect their travel investments too.

Shopping for insurance that covers Covid-19 and trip cancelations is a trend this summer and could even be required by some destinations and travel companies.

Crazy Car Rental Prices

There’s a car rental shortage after many companies sold off portions of their fleets during the pandemic. Cars have yet to be replenished and many destinations are struggling with inventory. Therefore, travelers should expect to pay a pretty penny for a rental this summer and planning ahead for the cost and the reservation is essential.

Sold Out

A lot of people passed on their travels in 2020 but they didn’t cancel their bookings. They rolled them over to 2021. That means, travelers without a hotel reservation will need to plan ahead and have flexible dates because some popular places are almost fully booked with travelers who have waited a year to visit.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities will remain popular even with the removal of mask mandates. Adventure travel is booming as Americans paused travel during the pandemic. Now, they are craving new adventures and are looking for everything from sailing journeys onboard luxury yachts to navigating the rapids of Costa Rica.

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