Joe Bert: Keep Things in Perspective: This is Not the Beginning of a Recession

As Seen In Kiplinger

It would do us well to compare the major economic statistics of the era of the 2008-9 recession to today’s numbers. In March 2009, when the market hit its nadir, the unemployment rate stood at 8.5%. Today the unemployment rate stands at 4.1% (a better than 50% improvement).

On Feb. 24, 2009, the Conference Board reported that the consumer confidence level had fallen to 25, its lowest point since its inception in 1967. Today the confidence level stands at a historic high of 125.4!

And finally, 2009 saw a shrinking GDP number bottoming at -2.8%. Last year, we enjoyed a GDP number in the 3% range!

Combine the strong fundamentals above with the yet-to-be-felt effects of the recently enacted tax cuts, one would be hard-pressed to make a case that we are going into a recession. Sure, dips are a part of investing, but they present an opportunity for those savvy enough to act.

— Joe Bert, Chairman and CEO of Certified Financial Group, Inc.

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