Frequently Asked Question: How is My Money Secured and Safe With a Small Firm?

By Joe Bert

I was recently asked, the following question:
“I need to rely on my nest egg for the rest of my life. I feel comfortable using a large bank that I know has a lot of money to back it up. If I decide to turn my nest egg over to a smaller firm like CFG, what protects my funds? In today’s world of internet hacking, how is my money as protected with you?”

That’s such a great question, and here’s the answer. No matter what happens to us, or if the building mysteriously disappears, your money is still yours. We do not store your money in our cookie jar, or a safe in our building.

At Certified Financial Group, we use two major custodians, Fidelity and TD Ameritrade. You receive a statement every month directly from them in addition to the quarterly performance report we send you. You can view your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on their websites.

That being said, you may be wondering what protects you from somebody within a small firm of hitting a button or sending something to the wrong place. The answer to this part of the question is, at CFG,we are bonded and have millions of dollars of insurance to protect your assets. Along with that, we monitor everything! We see every deposit that goes in, and every withdrawal that comes out.  If there’ssomething that looks irregular, we automatically contact you to confirm you requested a withdrawal before funds are released. We have a written protocol that the entire staff is drilled on.

We are always on top of your funds and activity. Additionally, our computer system is constantly monitored and regularly updated to maintain the highest levels of security.  This was a requirement to get our CEFEX certification.

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