Father's Day 2022

Unique Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

A hearty breakfast in bed, impromptu softball game, barbecue, a day of fishing at the lake, a few hours on the links, or maybe just a sanctioned day off without the burden of errands or chores, are all perfect ways to celebrate dad. But what about finding something unique that reflects a special time only the two of you spent together in the past?

Cooking/Grilling: If you cooked alongside dad, whether it was burgers, pancakes, or his grandmother’s recipe for stuffed peppers, and if a backyard barbecue is on the usual agenda (with dad at the helm, of course), surprise him by purchasing a hibachi instead. Pack up the ingredients for a first-class cookout and head to a beach or park where grilling is allowed. Dad can swim, read, or just unwind, and you can master the coals.

Spa Days Can Be For Dads! Because dad did his best to make sure you had new jeans, highlights, or looked great for the prom, a spa day may be just what the doctor ordered. While it may not be something he’d typically do for himself, chances are he also likes to look and feel great on the outside. More and more spas today have separate rooms for their male clients, and services like manicures, pedicures, facials, body wraps, and massages can relax, refresh, and energize a tired dad on his day. (If the spa is closed on Sundays, he’ll appreciate his special visit just as much the day before.)

Personal Memoir: If dad taught you to throw a softball, wield a tennis racquet, sail a boat, or even achieve a perfect game of darts, chances are your accomplishment required a great deal of time and patience on his part. A personal memoir in a leather-bound journal of that adventure together, whether it was a few weeks or a few years, accompanied by some photos from the time, can make for a singular gift he’ll appreciate each year for the rest of his life.

Gift of Music: For some families, music was an integral part of their growing up years. Whether your dad plays the trumpet or violin, or simply loves Wagner or Warren Zevon, why not make him a simple playlist, or “mixed tape”? Or tickets to a concert you can share and enjoy will show him you remember and appreciate him.

Whatever you do, a personal gift is a way to tell dad that in so many ways he remains the center of your world, that nothing he did in the past went unnoticed, and that he continues to inspire you every day.

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