Making Money Last In Retirement

Is your Roth 401k or IRA a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Is a Roth Just a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

By Joe Bert Originally appearing in Kiplinger, December 1, 2015 Forgoing a tax deduction today for a promise in the future is riskier than you might think. With all due respect to the late Sen. William Roth from Delaware, the Roth IRA, and now the Roth 401(k), are among the worst ideas foisted upon the …

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Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

It’s a fact: People today are living longer. Although that’s good news, the odds of requiring some sort of long-term care increase as you get older. And as the costs of home care, nursing homes, and assisted living escalate, you probably wonder how you’re ever going to be able to afford long-term care. One solution …

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Social Security Retirement Benefits

Social Security Retirement Benefits

Social Security was originally intended to provide older Americans with continuing income after retirement. Today, though the scope of Social Security has been widened to include survivor, disability, and other benefits, retirement benefits are still the cornerstone of the program. How do you qualify for retirement benefits? When you work and pay Social Security taxes …

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Investing for Major Financial Goals

Common Factors Affecting Retirement Income

When it comes to planning for your retirement income, it’s easy to overlook some of the common factors that can affect how much you’ll have available to spend. If you don’t consider how your retirement income can be impacted by investment risk, inflation risk, catastrophic illness or long-term care, and taxes, you may not be …

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