Key Elements to a Successful Financial Plan

10 Essential Elements to a Successful Financial Plan

Presenters: Rodney Ownby & Dave Balakrishnan

Appropriate for anyone interested in gaining an understanding of the elements that go into a properly structured financial plan.  In addition to covering financial basics, topics will include the following subject matters:

  • Assumptions for rates of return and inflation for various investment risk tolerances.
  • Dynamic, Realistic Budgeting.
  • Risk Management – Life, Disability, and Death happen.  How to manage each risk without breaking the bank.
  • Disciplined Asset Management – Do you have what it takes?
  • Asset withdrawal rate – How much can I spend and not worry too much about outliving my money?
  • Social Security Planning – When do I turn it on and why?
  • Tax Planning Strategies in retirement years – It’s not what you make, but what you keep that counts.
  • Plan B – Behavior Modification
  • How to plan for the emotions of retiring- Are you truly ready to quit?
  • Review of a model financial plan.

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