Tax Efficient Investing and Distribution Strategies

Presenter: Gary Abely CPA, CFP®, AIF®

In this workshop, Tax Efficient Investing and Distribution Strategies,  Gary Abely, CPA, CFP®, AIF® will be discussing strategies for lowering taxes in the pre and post-retirement years.  After all, it’s not what you earn, but rather what you keep that is important.

Topics covered will include the following:

  • Why is asset location important in lowering taxes?  What types of investments belong in different accounts such as IRA, ROTH IRA, and non-retirement accounts.
  • Strategies to minimize taxes both before and after retirement.
  • Impact of Social Security benefits and RMD (required minimum distribution) on your taxes.
  • How to reduce Medicare IRMAA – Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount.
  • Why it is important to use tax software in conjunction with financial planning software.
  • How to plan for big-ticket purchases in retirement such as new cars, roof, A/C, long-term care needs, etc.

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